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Product Information
The wireless Temperature Logger System consists of a Temperature Logger Software application, a USB (BS-500) or LAN (BS-1000) receiver module and one or more sensors, each including a transmitter.
Many temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors can be connected to the system at the same time. Separate sensors for the Temperature Logger are available at your distributor.
During a Test, 60 sensors were connected to one single receiver without any problems.

A USB (or LAN) cable connects the receiver to the computer system running the Temperature Logger application. The Temperature Logger application at the computer displays all temperature data, which have been transferred by the sensors to the USB-receiver. Temperature sensors continuously registrate temperature and report new values to the Receiver at intervals of ca. 45 seconds. Besides temperature data, this can also be information about the CO2 concentration or the relative humidity (RH) in a certain room.

It is possible to assemble the system with separate parts yourself. The heart of the system always is the receiver. This can be the BS-500 USB receiver or the BS-1000 LAN Receiver (which can be used stand alone with integrated Webserver, but also as a normal USB receiver). You can choose from a large range of sensors: the regular sensors and the PRO-series. The sensors from the PRO-series are splash-proof and have a display with background light. For Detailled information have a look at the PDF Datasheets on the Documentaion Page.

Available sensors REGULAR:

TL-3TSNTemperature sensor, standard
TSN-50ETemperature sensor, longer range
TSN-70E Temperature sensor, temperature and relative humidity
TSN-33MNTemperature sensor miniature, waterproof
TSN-EXT44Temperature sensor with external probe (cable lenght 70 cm)
EXT-CBL50External probe, cable lenght 5 meter
EXT-CBL100External probe, cable lenght 10 meter
Available sensors PRO:
PRO-55INTTemperature sensor with internal probe
PRO-66EXTTemperature sensor with external probe (cable lenght 70 cm)
PRO-77IRTemperature sensor, infrared
PRO-PT100Temperature sensor for PT100 probes
PRO_CO2CO2 meter

ATTENTION: The standard sensors are not waterproof! You should use TSN-33MN Sensor if the Sensor can get in contact with Water.

software_co2.gif, 54kB

Each sensor in the sensor list reports the data and time stamp for the most recent measurement data set. The right side window displays a continuous curve for the registrated temperature for the selected sensor.

Sensors and receiver use a wireless communication system, working at 433MHz. This frequency is freely available for communication at transmitting powers under 10 milliwatts. Depending on surrounding building constructions, the allowed 10mW power level allows a transmission range of 20-40 meters.

Temperature sensors may be located inside or outside buildings, at any place where a registrated overview of temperature curves is desired. Unreliable signal levels may be improved substantially by slightly modifying the sensor's or the receiver's position. The temperature sensors are designed to registrate temperatures between -30 and +80 degrees Celsius. However the temperature range may be limited by the design and/or state of the batteries, you should take a look at the Batteries Datasheet before purchase.



The BS-1000 LAN receiver makes it possible to show the sensor data of the AREXX Multi Logger system on all Windows computers in your network. It is possible to let the BS-1000 work stand alone, so the measurement data will be sent real time via the network to the appointed PCs. You can also process the sensor data with the MultiLog software and use the LAN receiver in the same way as the BS-500 receiver on Windows PCs. It is possible to use the BS-1000 as a USB receiver or as a standalone receiver with memory reception. The BS-1000 has a built-in Messenger application, which makes it possible to send alarm e-mails without intervention of a PC. With the Messenger application it is also possible to send measurement data directly to a webserver.

The BS-1000 is supplied with a power adapter. Extensive Messenger and synchronization software included.


The RPT-7700 repeater is a receiver and transmitter at the same time, which allows you to cover larger distances with the sensors of the AREXX MultiLog system. The repeater will receive the available sensor signals and retransmit these to the MultiLog receiver.
Example how to use: The normal sensors have been designed to cover a distance of 50 meters (from sensor to receiver). However, due to certain environmental circumstances (Walls, Trees, Metal constructions or other Obstacles) they could only reach 30 meters. In this case you can place this repeater in the middle between sensor and receiver. The RPT-7700 will receive the sensor data signal and retransmit these to a multiLog receiver. Thus the RPT-7700 allows you to cover larger distances. To address a remote MultiLog system you may place several repeaters in series. The RPT-7700 is supplied with a power adapter.


From version 2.0.0 the software has been extended. It is now possible to synchronize sensor data from multiple receivers (BS-500, BS-1000 or a PC) through a network. This means that in large buildings, data of all sensors can be collected on a server or a PC.

Furthermore, this software version has different tools, among others a network config tool which can configure the BS-1000 LAN Receiver. The software also has a calibration tool for the Pt-100 sensor.

Finally, there are some extra tools for the BS-1000 to configure this LAN receiver easily.
  Nijmegen, Netherlands, T [°C]
  Nijmegen, Netherlands, CO2 [ppm]
  Zwolle, Netherlands, T [°C]
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