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Introduction to the Multilogger system
Multilogger product portfolio

The Multilogger system enables you to measure temperatures, relative humidity, CO2, voltage, counts etc, from different locations wirelessly for a longer period of time.


The system consists of battery powered wireless sensor modules, one or more basestations connected to LAN (wired, Wifi, GPRS), and possibly some wireless repeaters.


The base stations receive measurement data from the sensors wirelessly (about every minute per sensor). This data can be uploaded to the www.multilogger.nl site by the base stations directly. The website registers this data and present it to the user, by showing actual, realtime data or report historical data.


The system can be configured to notify a user by email, when a measurement is out of range. The destination of these alerts may be arranged according to time schedules and escalation.


A user can respond to an alarm by registering an action. This action indicates what caused the alarm, and how it is resolved. The alarm report includes the user responses.


The Multilogger website has a dedicated demo account (user demo, password demo). Also it allows to create an free restricted account for max 4 sensors.


Installation of a configuration file needed for a base station, is easy. The file with correct settings can be downloaded from this website.


The product-line is produced by Arexx Engineering The Netherlands, and is available via several distributors:

TL-3TSNBasic temperature sensor
TSN-33MNCoin cell sized temperature sensor
TSN-50ETemperature sensor
TSN-EXT44Temperature sensor with external sensor
TSN-70ETemperature and Relative Humidity sensor
PRO-55INTLCD Temperature sensor
PRO-66EXTLCD Temperature sensor with external sensor
PRO-77IRLCD Temperature sensor with external infrared sensor
PRO-88msnLCD Voltage / Counts / Door open sensor
PRO-PT100LCD Temperature sensor with external pt100 sensor
PRO-CO2LCD Temperature and CO2 sensor (not battery powered)
Base stationsProductDescription
BS510USB connected base station with on-board data-flash memory.
BS750USB connected base station with on-board data-flash memory and micro SD card.
TL-ALU9USB base station with on-board data-flash memory, OLED display.
BS1000Wired network connected base station with on-board data-flash memory.
BS1200Wifi network connected base station with on-board data-flash memory.
BS1400GPRS connected base station with on-board data-flash memory, OLED display and SD card.
RPT7700Wireless repeater for extending radio link range.

You can register your system at www.multilogger.nl and view the data online.
  Nijmegen, Netherlands, T [°C]
  Nijmegen, Netherlands, CO2 [ppm]
  Zwolle, Netherlands, T [°C]
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