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Informations about RP6
The RP6 is a low cost, autonomous mobile Robot System. It is equipped with several Sensors and a powerful ATMEGA32 8-Bit RISC Microcontroller, which is programmable in C with freely available open source tools. Further it offers good expansion and customization possibilites.

The RP6 is ideal for education purposes at universities or schools and of course for hobby users!

It comes with a very extensive manual along with lots of example programs and a hughe C function library. This makes programming easy and you can instantly start with the Robot. All library and example programs are open source (GNU GPL)!

The Robot is the predecessor of the very successful C-Control RP5 (CCRP5), released in 2003 by Conrad Electronics. The RP6 only reuses the chassis of the RP5 with some additional mounting posibilities. Everything else is a complete redesign. New control electronics with much bigger and faster Processor, new gearing system for noise reduction, 150x higher encoder resolution (625 CPR) for precise speed regulation and several other new features like an USB Interface, a Bumper Panel in front of the Robot, a very flexible IC-Bus based Expansion System and the six small expansion areas on the Mainboard.

Lots of expansion modules are planned or already available. For example the RP6 CONTROL M32 processor expansion board with additonal ATMEGA32, external 32KB SPI EEPROM, LC-Display Port, Microphone sensor, Buttons, LEDs, a Beeper, free I/Os and ADCs is already available. And of course the experimentation board for your own circuits, which is already included in the RP6 Robot System and available seperately! You can find more informations on the accessories page.

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