YETI Walking Robot Kit

Walking Robot Kit

YETI is a walking robot developed for educational purposes and for the hobby user.

It is suitable as an introduction into processor-controlled hobby electronics and mechanics, for projects and studies in schools, universities and adult education centres.

The ATMEGA8 Microcontroller used to control YETI is completely programmable in C with freeware and open-source tools. The development is simplified by a well documented software library.

YETI can carry several expansion modules.You can directly connect two expansionmodules with a flat cable - one inside YETI's head and one on top of it.


Beneath other signals, the I2C-Bus is available on this flat cable and it can be used to add several additional sensors and modules.

The Robot also features an IR-Interface for programming and remote controlling by a PC, a beeper that can play sounds and two LEDs that function as it's "eyes". The two Legs are controlled by two servo motors.


There are some additional parts available for YETI (included in the Kit or separately available from our distributors).

RS232 IR Transceiver (included in the Robot Kit)

The RS232 IR Transceiver allows the PC software tools to communicate with the AVR Microcontroller via
standard serial RS232 comport. It is included in the the YETI ROBOT KIT.

USB IR Transceiver

The USB IR Transceiver has been designed to support modern PCs with USB ports. The assembled USB IR Transceiver not included but available optionally.
It allows more stable IR Transmission, because the USB Power Supply is much better than RS232!

Ultrasonic Ranger

The Ultrasonic Ranger allows YETI to detect obstacles and measure the distance to them! It is delivered as a Kit.


The Display Kit can be assembled on an Expansionboard completely by yourself. There is also a special PCB available! It is a 4 digit Display with I2C Bus. For example you can display operating states or measured distances of the Ultrasonic Ranger with it!

Expansion Board

Universal Expansion Board that can be used to add your own circuits to YETI! Many ports of the Mikrocontroller and the I2C Bus are available on the connectors!