C-Control ROBBY RP5

Robby RP5


Robby RP5  is a  mobile autonomous Robot System, equipped with a powerful  C-Control microcontroller,  a huge number of sensors and mounted on a caterpillar gear.

The user can  easily write custom programs for Robby  and create any desired behaivioiur:  e.g. avoiding obstacles and following light sources or moving when a sound is detected, move a specific distance after receiving a command from an IR-Remote control etc. (there are many more possibilities).

Additionally the Robot can be used as a base system for your own developments, because it has connectors for stackable expansion boards.


Robby RP5 utilizes a caterpillar drive. The chassis is constructed from two symmetrical trays. Both of the motors and the spur gear transmissions are integrated therein. The wheel axles and drive shafts are supported in sintered bearings. The drives are industrial grade motors, featuring high lifetime and an excellent efficiency. This will ensure long operating periods with fully charged batteries. Two fork light barriers at the lower side of the Robot mainboard embrace the combined gears and enable a precise distance measurement by way of small drill holes. The rubber-made tracks are driven by wheels, 44 mm in diameter. Due to the well-designed drive the robot is capable of passing small obstacles as well as steep gradients. The middle of the chassis holds the rechargeable batteries respectively a battery holder that receives six AA-sized batteries. The robot mainboard is fastened with 4 bolts to the upper side of the chassis and does not normally have to be removed when operating with rechargeable batteries. Two independently controllable electric motors ensure highest mobility of the chassis. The speed and direction of each track is freely controllable.


Various sensors enable the user to program very complex interactions controlled by sensor data and therefore accordingly versatile reactions of the robot.

  • 2 direction-discriminating light sensors
  • 2 high resolution distance sensors
  • one non-contact IR anti-collision system with switchable range
  • one efficient IR communication system (transmitter/receiver)
  • sound sensor
  • contact sensor
  • sensor for operating voltage
  • sensor for motor current
  • sensor for charge current


The microcontroller on the CCRP5 is acomputer of the C-Control series. This compact unit features universal capabilities for measuring, controlling and steering as well as serial data communication and data storage. The core of the computer is an advanced microprocessor that allows programming in the well-known and easy to learn BASIC programming language. Through a few lines of BASIC source code the computer is able to handle tasks like an intelligent alarm system, a complex data aquisition system, a heater controller or as in this case, the "brains" of a small robot. To communicate with its environment, it has eight analogue inputs, two analogue outputs and sixteen digital port lines randomly usable as in- or outputs. These ressources are partly used by the sensors and the motor drive controller. The remaining resources may be freely used for additional extensions, even as an extension for a higher performance CPU. In this case the microprocessor may be used as a co-processor by employing a special software.