(license DLR)

ASURO is a tiny mobile robot developed for educational purposes by DLR, the german aerospace centre.

It is very flexible and completely programmable in C. Assembly is easy for experienced electronic technicians and feasible for a novice.

Except for the printed circuit boards (PCB) only standard parts are utilized and freeware tools can be used for programming. Therefore ASURO is exceptionally suitable as an introduction into processor-controlled hobby electronics, for projects in schools and universities, for studies and adult education centres. Special tools, which are freeware for private users, have been used for all electronic development phases and software design, proving that robots can be designed without expensive tools or machines.

ASURO is equipped with an Atmel AVR RISC-processor and two independently controlled motors, an optical linetracer, six collision-detector switches, two odometer-sensors, three indicator LEDs and an IR-Interface for programming and remote controlling by a PC.


There are some additional parts available for ASURO (included in the Kit or separately available from our distributors).

RS232 IR Transceiver (included in the Robot Kit! )

The RS232 IR Transceiver allows the PC software tools to communicate with the AVR Microcontroller via a standard
serial RS232 comport. It is included in the the ASURO ROBOT KIT.

USB IR Transceiver

The USB IR Transceiver has been designed to support modern PCs with USB ports. The assembled USB IR Transceiver is optionally available for those, who do not have a RS232 port.


Book "More fun with ASURO vol. 1"

If you like ASURO you will definetely like this book! It shows lots of additional possibilities and an Expansion Board is included!

In the first two parts the book describe ASURO a bit more detailled than the ASURO manual does. The third chapter deals with advanced C programming techniques and lets the reader solve some exercises.

Finally it describes how to create an ultrasonic ranger for ASURO with the expansion board (shown below)


Expansion Board

This is the Expansion board for ASURO. This board allows you to easily add your own circuits to ASURO - like the Ultrasonic range finder shown on the photo!

LCD Panel